Monday, July 13, 2015

Day 21
Monday, July 13, 2015

See our farewell song to our wonderful leaders! We are so greatful for such a beautiful experience. Praised be God!

Lyrics composed by Sister Mary Alma, CK

“There’s No Place Like Rome!”
Our love and gratitude to Mother Regina Pacis, Sister Mary Kathleen, and  Sister Mary Hanah

(Sung to: “Somewhere Over the Rainbow”)
Somewhere over the ocean,
Where pigeons perch.
There’s a land that I heard of,
Home of our Holy Church.

Somewhere over the ocean,
Legends are true,
And the Saints that you pray to,
Really do intercede for you.

Somewhere over the ocean,
You’ll be renewed.
Thanks to three wonderful Sisters,
Who pour out their love for you.

(Sung to:  “We’re off to See the Wizard”)

We’re off to see the Papa,
The Wonderful Papa of Rome.
We hear he is a wonderful Papa,
If ever a Papa there was.
If ever an ever a Papa there was,
Papa Francis is one because, because.
Because, because, because, because, because, . . . . .
Because of the wonderful things he does.
We’re off to see the Papa,
The Wonderful Papa of Rome!

Follow Sister Hanah.  Follow Sister Hanah.
Follow, follow, follow, follow,
Follow, Sister Hanah.
We’re off to see the Papa,
The Wonderful Papa of Rome.

Sung to: “Scarecrow, Tin Man and Lion’s Melody”

She is wise and she is canny.
She makes a wonderful nanny,
With the way she cares for us.  (do doot do doddle do doot)
She knows ancient ‘Romin,’
And she makes us feel at home’in
Our great big Domus!                                                 (Dedicated to Mother Regina Pacis)

She’s the youngest one among us,
Yet one who’s won our full trust.
She desires but to serve.         (do doot do doddle do doot)
With a smile and a laugh,
She can find most any path.
Her love never swerves.                                             (Dedicated to Sister Mary Hanah)

So positive and caring,
And really quite daring,
She always thanking God.       (do doot do doddle do doot)
Each day is God directed,
And her virtues - most perfected,
We thank her and applaud.                                        (Dedicated to Sister Mary Katleen)

Oh I can tell you why,
We feel we just might cry.
God has graced us all through you,
In abundance,
Without redundance.

We thank you our dear Sisters
And hope you won’t have blisters
From leading all of us.            (do doot do doddle do doot)
In our hearts we are true,
As we say our thanks to you,
For the love you’ve shown to us!

Grand finale!

We’re off to serve our Lord
The Wonderful Lord of us all.
We here He is a wonderful King if ever a King there was.
If ever an ever a King there was, our Lord is One because, because
Because, because, because, because, because . . . . .
Because of the loving things He does.
We’re off to serve our Lord!

The Wonderful Lord of us all!

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